About me

I'm Naser Dakhel, a passionate web developer and technical writer specializing in Laravel, VueJS, Livewire, Tailwind, and WordPress. With a keen eye for detail, I craft robust web solutions and engaging written content.

I thrive on turning caffeine into code and making complex concepts accessible. Continuously expanding my skill set, I contribute meaningfully to web development, creating innovative solutions and sharing valuable insights.

I provide businesses with tailored web solutions that align with their objectives and engage their audiences. Leveraging my expertise, I deliver robust development and effective communication throughout the process.

What I Do

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    Web development

    Building the future one code line at a time. planning & executing enjoyable web applications for users.


  • Daniel lewis

    Razek Daoud

    In his capacity as a Development Team Lead, Naser has demonstrated his exceptional talents in leadership. His guidance has been instrumental in fostering a collaborative and innovative team environment. Naser's commitment to mentoring junior developers and sharing his wealth of experience has significantly contributed to the growth and success of our entire development team.

  • Jessica miller

    Jamil Bailony

    Naser is one of the few special people I had the pleasure to work with, extremely humble and patient, and gives the best he can, glad I worked with him during all this time!

  • Emily evans

    Beshr Hawoot

    Naser's expertise in competitive programming and robotics has been pivotal to our success, and his dedication to continual learning and improvement is truly commendable. It's been an honor to have worked alongside him.



  1. Quality Assurance Engineer


    March 2024 — Present

    Carried out quality assurance processes, including test planning, execution, and defect tracking to ensure the delivery of high-quality CAT tool.

  2. Development Team Lead


    June 2023 — Jan 2024

    • Streamlined development processes with Agile methodologies, automated testing, and sprint retrospectives, achieving a 20% increase in project delivery speed.
    • Fostered a collaborative environment among a team of 5 developers through knowledge-sharing sessions, pair programming, and code reviews, boosting employee satisfaction scores by 40%.
    • Enhanced documentation standards for the codebase and internal processes, resulting in a 25% reduction in onboarding time for new developers.

  3. Fullstack Web Developer


    Oct 2022 — May 2023

    • Engineered a responsive design approach by following W3C standards, leading to a 30% increase in mobile traffic.
    • Developed robust APIs that succeeded to serve 10,000 daily active users with no performance issues, through careful and informed system design and implementing clean architecture.
    • Introduced performance monitoring tools through guiding sessions with the development team, leading to a 12% improvement in response time for vital functions.

  4. Web Development Intern


    Apr 2022 — Sept 2022

    • Collaborated with senior developers to learn best practices and gained hands-on experience with web technologies, enhancing skills in real-world applications.
    • Contributed actively to web development projects, applying theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios and enhancing skills in real-world applications.
    • Enhanced communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills while learning from senior developers.


  1. Business Administration - Inst.

    Syrian Virtual University

    2024 — Present

    Accounting • Operations Management • Managerial Leadership • HR Training

  2. Software Engineering - BCs

    Syrian Virtual University

    2021 — Present

    Operating Systems • Data Structures & Algorithms • Compilers • Semantic Web • Software Quality


  • Tech Stack

    • PHP/Laravel
    • JavaScript/VueJS
    • Tailwind
    • Livewire
    • MySQL
  • Workflow

    • Git/GitHub
    • BitBucket/Jira/Confluence
    • Postman


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    Hotel booking B2B solution

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    Restaurants management SaaS

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  • brawlhalla

    Legacy of Growth

    Personal website for a therapist

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    Management system for travel agencies

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    Albaraka BV

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